Provider FAQs

I have specific questions I want answered, how can I make sure these are addressed?
At any time prior to the testing date, you or your staff can contact the clinical specialist that will be performing the FCE to inform them of any questions or concerns you may want addressed with the test.

When can I expect to receive the report?
OTC has a next-day turn around with all reports. This means you should receive the report in your office on the next business day following the test.

What type of FCE does my patient need?
RTW FCE: Should be recommended to evaluate your patient’s ability to perform specific demands of his/her job and is useful to assist you in establishing appropriate activity restrictions and return to work parameters.

Cog FCE: Should be recommended to evaluate both physical and cognitive capacity to perform work. Elements related to executive functioning, attention, and safety awareness are screened. This evaluation is useful with patients who have suffered from late-effect concussion and other traumatic head injuries.

Vocational/Max Capacity FCE: Should be recommended to produce an appropriate work capacity level (PDL) in situations whereby a specific job is not available for the client. The test can be used to establish safe work task abilities and recommendations related to particular areas of employment interest.

Are there any contraindications that I should know about prior to referring my patient for an FCE?
Your patient will be monitored both prior to and during participation in testing. OTC professional are trained to identify patient that present with sign/symptoms that place them at increased risk (blood pressure, exercise HR, etc) and will terminate evaluations to make appropriate follow-up referrals.

Are the results easy to understand?
The report contains an easy to read and understand narrative which summarizes the testing results. The OTC specialist that completed the test can assist in understanding the results and can be reached directly via a contact number included on the report.